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How do you remove leaves from trees: Mulch or remove?

Jan 25

The growth season for the trees that line our lawns ends with the end of summer. As the trees go into dormancy for the remainder of the year as their leaves begin change colors and signify the beginning of autumn. Then, they start to pile over our lawns, and we're left with the annual chore of leaf removal lexington ky.

There are two ways to think about it regarding leaf removal. mulch them in your lawn during mowing, where they'll be broken down naturally into the soil . Or, you can pile them up and find the best place to dispose of them. The other option is to take them to your curb , and get them removed by your municipality. Like all choices, there are pros and cons for the two methods of leaf removal, and you'll have to choose which method your lawn can benefit from the most.


This is the simpler one, however it also has its own issues. You'll have a layer of grass clippings, which breaks down naturally into the soil after you've mulched leaves using your mower. If you do this regularly, it will boost soil quality, and will not have any detrimental effects on the grass. Pay particular attention to the depth of the layer of chopped leaves and grass clippings. when this layer is excessively thick, you could run the risk of promoting fungal disease in your lawn or blocking the vital sunlight. According to the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association you must keep your lawn below 1/4" to 3/8" of accumulation of leaves at any given moment. If the layer is more than that , you'll need to consider bagging and removing the grass and leaf debris to avoid potential fungal disease and/or the lawn being smothered. Mulching with pine needles not recommended. These will not be absorbed in the soil.

It isn't required but Lawn Worx recommends using the lawn mower lexington KY, equipped with either an mulching kit or mower that uses new mulching blades. These blades and kits were designed to cut the grass and other leaf debris and let it be tossed into the lawn. The blades of standard lawn mowers aren't able to cut leaves or grass as well, which could result in clumps of grass appearing in your lawn. You'll usually have to cut repeatedly with a standard mower to cut grass and leaves fine enough to avoid damaging your lawn.

Mulching Benefits

This method can reduce the amount of effort needed to remove leaves from your lawn. This technique can enhance the soil's quality and may be cheaper than other power tools. You won't need to spend as much time working on your lawn.

Mulching's disadvantages

If you're not careful this practice can cause your grass to be overwhelmed, particularly in humid conditions. You may need to mow your grass more frequently depending on the dimensions of your mower and the number of leaves that are falling. This approach won't be effective if pine needles are dominant around you.


The removal of leaves through raking or blowing them into piles can have its advantages, especially for those who would rather take their leaves to their compost piles or choose to mulch but can't keep up with the amount of leaves that fall into their yard. If you are unable to see your lawn, it's time to grab the leaf blower or rake to return the control!

Leaf blowers make leaf removal simple. Spread a tarp, or any flat surface that you don't fear getting dirty and begin to blow the leaves onto the tarp.

If you have a compost pile and leaves, they can be used to create compost for your garden. Composting requires a mix of carbon-rich, or "brown" material as well as nitrogen-rich substances referred to as "green " or fresh materials. Your lawn is an excellent source of both of these and you can make use of the compost produced as an organic soil amendment in your garden beds or in other parts in your lawn.

Benefits of Removing Leaves

These dried leaves provide a great source of "brown" material to compost. It can also give your lawn a cleaner appearance depending on how frequently you clean up leaves. If you have a lot of pine trees in your area it might be a suitable option than trying to mulch.

The disadvantages of removing Leaves

Removing leaves with an rake or leaf blower is more labor intensive and will require longer spent in the yard. This will make it more costly as you will have to buy bags to collect leaves and the fuel to run the leaf blower. Some cities don't permit leaf collection, while other areas don't permit you to dispose of your leaves in the garbage.

Are you new to the field?

Talk to your neighbors and learn how they deal with their leaf cleanup issues. This is a sign that your area has an ongoing leaf collection. In the weeks leading up to the first pickup, many municipalities begin sending out flyers and publishing information on the local paper. You'll have to figure out the best method for clearing your lawn to suit your location in case it's less urban. It's a good idea to try both methods and then see which one you prefer. It is also possible to use any combination of them based on the time of year, weather conditions, and more.

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