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How to write a professional Amazon listing product description?

Feb 4

Over 600 million products are stocked by Amazon, one of the world's top online retailers. Sellers, therefore, have to compete against each other so that as many people can see their products as possible. An excellent way to achieve this is to rank highly in Amazon.

To increase product visibility on Amazon, use keyword research techniques for Amazon brand management. Google search engines aren't the only place where search engine optimization exists. SEO is a tactic that's underutilized for positioning products on Amazon listings. Customers visit Amazon because they want to purchase a product. Combining this with an SEO strategy will help you capitalize on customers' buying readiness. If you are still unsure how to conduct keyword research or SEO on Amazon listings, you can seek our help at Urtasker. 

An overview of Amazon's search engine optimization algorithm

Growing Amazon markets make it harder for products to remain unique. Therefore, the higher a product appears on a search engine result page (SERP) on Amazon, the more likely it is to be purchased. Shoppers rarely reach the second page of search results since only 30% get to page two. A9 is Amazon's algorithm for ranking product search results. It works like this:

The content on A9 is designed to assist customers quickly and easily finding the products they want. Ranking products are based on several factors. We will discuss these two factors:

  • Click to sales rate (CTS). CTS corresponds to the percentage of customers clicking on your product to purchase it. In Amazon's algorithm, sales rank is determined by your number of recent sales. Your number of recent sales can significantly influence your SERP rank. It does not matter who your competitors are, as long as you have met or exceeded their sales goals. Sales boost your search engine ranking in the short term.
  • Sales page content description. You will put your keyword research to good use on this page. Additionally, you can put your main keywords in Amazon's special keywords section. Your keywords let A9 know what products you're offering so the right customers see your offerings. When you choose the right keywords, A9 matches your products to search better, increasing sales and climbing the ranks.

As you make sales, your position on the first page increases. These factors are correlated since optimized content improves your ranking in Amazon SERP. Agencies that provide Amazon account management services keep these points in mind and guide their customers accordingly. 

Keyword selection for your product

To get customers to click on your ads, you have to use keywords reflecting their interests. In the same way that Google tracks all searches, Amazon does too. There are categories and best-selling items displayed on the Amazon homepage. Amazon can use this information to determine what topics are popular and what matters to its massive user base. 

Because you have a good understanding of what your customers are interested in, these are gold mines of information for you. What you're looking for will be revealed by the needs and interests of your target customers. Knowing what's most important to your customers can help you target them more specifically so their purchase will be more likely. It's a win-win situation for you since you deliver exactly what customers are looking for on Amazon.

Useful tips for writing an appealing Amazon product description

Here are some tips to make customers buy your product once they find it.

  • Instead of focusing on the product's features, emphasize its benefits.

There are lots of reasons why your product is so great. For any product description to be successful, it must tell a customer's story that fitness should be fun. The product description also emphasizes how easy it is to set up the device, integrate it into daily life, and take action based on data. While this is certainly important, your product's value comes from what it can do for your customers. In your product description, you should showcase how your product benefits customers and solves a problem for them.

Once people realize how they'll benefit from a product, it's easy for them to get excited about it. When they are excited by your description, they are more likely to buy something.

  • Be brief and direct in your description.

Don't overwhelm your customers with text-heavy descriptions; you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. If you overload your content, you risk missing important details. Despite being brief, this post touches on the results people can achieve when using this product and the fact that there is an entire product line available for use.

  • Don't make your product title too long.

Do not use more than 200 characters in your message, including spaces. As long as your keywords appear here, you improve your chances of appearing in relevant searches, especially because the A9 algorithm tracks this. Your exposure and sales will increase if you position yourself to appear when customers seek what you sell.

  • If your description is long or your product description is complex, use bullet points.

This makes the text easier to read. It would help if you kept in mind that your customers are ready to buy. You don't want your wording to scare them away. The most comprehensive information might be there, but if no one reads it, what does it do? Clicking on the next item on the list is all the people need to do. Keeping this in mind, you want to make the buying process as easy as possible for customers, so remove any obstacles that might slow that down.


It follows that there is a lot of competition for Amazon's products since they are the biggest online retailer. Every product listing in every category is available for a customer to browse.

As a seller on Amazon, you can still thrive even as Amazon continues to grow. By using SEO, you will reach the top of search engine results. No one will know your products, so your sales will drop. Also, SEO will help you to distinguish yourself from the competition. It's important to understand, as you know, that the higher your sales in the short term, the more likely it is that you will stay on Amazon's search engine results page. 

If you are looking for more tips and tricks related to SEO on Amazon, reach out to us at Urtasker. We have 200+ experts who can guide you on Amazon PPC campaigns and much more, which will benefit your Amazon seller account.