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What To Know Before Hiring A Mold Remediation Pro

Jul 19

If you live in Greensboro or own a business there, chances are you've thought about mold. You should hire a Greensboro mold inspector if you believe it is a problem. These companies can help identify the source and offer solutions. Here are some tips on how to hire a Greensboro mold inspection firm.

Health Care

The best Greensboro mold remediation company is here. Bioclean Restoration is a trusted company that has been successfully removing mold from commercial and residential properties throughout the Triangle for more than 30+ years. They have certified technicians who are fully trained and ready to tackle any mold remediation task. They offer complete mold remediation services. They also provide disaster and fire restoration services.

Bioclean Restoration can inspect your Greensboro home or business and determine if there are any molds. Their certified professionals are licensed and highly experienced and will safely remove mold from surfaces and clean them with UV light treatments. Other services include odor elimination, air duct cleaning and trauma cleanup. The IICRC certified staff are available for emergency services round the clock.


Restoworx Greensboro can provide professional mold remediation services. These experts will assess your property to find out if there is mold. They also educate you on the dangers of mold, and how to get rid of it. They will find and contain any leaks, clean up the affected area and replace any contaminated materials. They will recommend preventative steps to keep your home free from mold. Restoworx is an established family business that has served more then 4,000 homes and businesses in the Greater Greensboro region.

Because mold can cause serious health problems, it is essential to get rid of it from homes and businesses. Mold can be hard to eradicate because the spores may remain in a house for a very long time. You can take steps to prevent mold spores from growing. Monitoring damp and dark areas is a good idea. Also, check basement airflow. A good ventilation system is also important. Make sure the exhaust fan in your bathroom is working. Finally, check that all windows are functioning.

Sasser Restoration

Greensboro mold remediation may be necessary if your property has been damaged by a fire or flood. You're not the only one. Sasser Restoration is equipped to handle this issue and many more. We are available to help with any mold removal needs in Greensboro. We use moisture meters in order to assess the condition and health of your property. To remove mold and other debris, we use HEPAvacs. If needed, they can provide HVAC services and temporary power.

Sasser Restoration will provide you with a qualified team of professionals. They will locate the cause of the problem and inspect walls and crawl spaces. Then, they will remediate your house or business. They also deal with water damage from bursting pipes and other causes. Our nationwide service area has allowed us to handle disasters in more 100 cities.

911 Greensboro Restoration

The right place to look if you're looking for a company that can help with mold removal and fire damage restoration in Greensboro North Carolina. 911 Restoration of Greensboro not only provides fire and water damage recovery services but also offers mold removal and remediation services. The company is IICRC-certified, and can handle any mold or other water damage emergency. Read on to learn more about their services.

Restoworx is a Greensboro company that offers mold remediation services. It has been around for more than 25 year. The trained specialists will inspect the affected property and provide information about the effects and possible remediation options. They will inspect the property for leaks and contamination, and recommend preventative steps. Restoworx can provide a mold inspection for free today. Restoworx will never leave you in the dark again

Mold Patrol

Mold Patrol of Greensboro is available to help you if you suspect that your home may be affected by mold. Certified technicians will visit your home to remove mold properly. Mold removal should not be attempted by anyone on their own. The spores can pose a danger to your health and can release toxins into your home. Mold removal companies will have the proper equipment to remove all mold safely. They also offer free consultations.

Mold Patrol will use the most recent technology and equipment in order to identify the source of the mold, and then devise a remediation strategy. Mold Patrol will also evaluate exterior moisture intrusion to prevent future mold growth. To prevent this from happening again, they will recommend HVAC maintenance and more ventilation. Dehumidifiers will be installed to reduce moisture and prevent mold growth. Mold Patrol will then determine the best way to prevent future growth once they have identified the cause.

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