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Questacon - National Science and Technology

Sep 4

About Questacon - National Science and Technology

The quest to create an interactive science centre that would be open and accessible to all has been a long one. From the Australian National University, Mike Gore was inspired by this idea in mind when he saw how much potential there is for children who are not able-bodied or financially positioned to enjoy these types of experiences at their local museums; it's why Questacon exists!

Questacon is a unique organization that plays an integral part in Australian innovation by promoting science awareness and inspiring care. They do this through travelling exhibitions, outreach programs for children or adults alike--even launching digital initiatives so Australians can stay up-to-date with their knowledge of cutting-edge technology!


What to do in Questacon - National Science and Technology

There are many ways to inspire your imagination, but few can beat a trip into the world of science and technology. The doors will be open at this location for timed sessions that provide you with an opportunity just like these!

The people of the world have been fascinated by Questacon's outreach program, which engages with more than 100,000 individuals every year and travels 25 thousand kilometres. This amazing initiative not only teaches children about science but also visits 30 remote aboriginal communities as well as hospitals or nursing homes so that they can experience what life would be like without modern amenities first-hand!

The Questacon Experience – a stop for all your science needs! From interactive exhibits and museums dedicated to promoting Australia's love of learning more about their world, there are plenty of ways you can bring the outside in at this National Science & Technology Centre. With hands-on activities that will inspire even those without interest or background, as well as programs designed specifically with children aged 0–14 years old prominent on the mind, it would be hard not to find something here worth checking out during any visit.

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