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How Often Do Cactus Need Water?

Nov 7

As with most plants, cacti require water to thrive. But how much water you give your plant depends on what stage it is in its growth!

Younger cactis will not survive without adequate amounts of water for several reasons. First, they need moisture to grow properly. They cannot soak up enough liquid if they are already grown slightly.

Second, young cacti use their roots actively to search for water and nutrients. If there is no dry soil available to find this needed nourishment, then the plant can become weak and possibly die.

Third, some types of cacti do not like being thirsty. These cacti will try to conserve water by drying out and slowing down their own breathing process. This sometimes results in death for the plant!

As cacti get older they slow down their natural drinking habits, making them less sensitive to water needs. It is important to check back on your plant at least once per week to see that it has what it needs.

This article will go into more detail about the different stages of cactus life and tips for staying hydrated as you prepare your specimen for winter sleep.

Excessive water can damage the plant

As mentioned before, cacti enjoy dry conditions to thrive. If you over-water your plant, it may not be able to get enough moisture intake or it could even die!

Cacti will need some amount of water every few days depending on their species and how thirsty they are at that time.

However, if your cactus seems particularly hungry for liquid after already receiving its normal amount, cut back on the watering until it has less thirst.

This is called limiting water consumption. Your plant should recover within one week!

General tips: remember that plants require light in order to grow so make sure to cover all bulbs with a cloth to prevent any exposure to sunlight. Also, never pour water onto soil that contains a plant as this could hurt them!

In fact, most cactus will quickly wash away when dried off.

Drought conditions cause plants to dry out

how often do cactus need water

Recent drought conditions have caused many people to worry about how well their houseplants are doing. One of the most common questions is when should I water my cactus?

Mostly, you do not need to give your cactus a drink unless it looks like it needs one! If your plant seems droopy or its leaves seem limp and pale, then it may be time to give it some moisture.

However, before you do that, make sure to check if there is a sale at your local store to see if that will help revitalize the plant. Sometimes stores hold clearance events for thirsty plants, as they run out of stock!

If possible, also test the soil to determine whether or not it is rich in nutrients. If it is, great! But if it is looking a little thinned out, invest in a good potting mix.

Plants need water, but not a lot

Plant watering is typically categorized into two groups: frequent or less frequent. Frequent plant watering means to check your plants’ needs at least every other day.

Infrequent plant watering means checking their needs once a week or even twice a month. The key thing about infrequent plant watering is making sure that they do not go longer than three days without being watered!

If you notice your cactus drooping when it receives water, then give it an extra few minutes before moving onto the next one. This may take some time to get used to if you are not accustomed to taking care of succulents.

How to take care of Succulent Rhizomes

Never let a dry patch occur as this could damage or kill the rhizome. Make sure to monitor and check out any roots that seem sparse. If needed, use a small amount of soil and apply directly with a toothpick. Never soak the root as this can cause rot.

Watering is important, but not a lot of attention needed

As mentioned before, cacti will need to drink water to survive. However, how much water they need depends on what stage they are in. Plants at the beginning stages do not require as much water as plants that have matured.

Younger cacti can still grow with only very small amounts of water. They will enjoy a longer life if they receive around one tablespoon (15 ml) of liquid per square foot (0.03 sq m) every few days. This amount should be enough for them to relax and soak up some nutrients.

As your cactus matures it needs more food and thus requires larger amounts of water. A good rule of thumb is to give it two tablespoons (30 ml) of water per mature plant once a week. Make sure you check whether the soil looks dry or not! If it does then give it a little bit less so it does not over-water.


Watering should be done consistently

It is important to remember that although it seems like a lot of water, not all cactuses need as much water as you might think! Some species require very little rainfall to survive, while others depend upon good moisture for growth.

Some experts recommend watering your specimen once every two days at the most. This can easily be done by taking a small amount of soil and mixing it with a few drops of water using a cup or plate as a vessel.

You may also want to consider investing in a plant monitor so that you do not have to rely on remembering when to water the plant. There are many types, but they all work the same way – connect to a source of electricity and then register how wet the pot is.

When this article was first published, we mentioned some potential problems that could occur if plants did not get enough water.

Watering can be difficult, and some plants like dry soil

The best way to care for your cactus is by investing in a good pot with dense roots. These plants do not require much space as they grow quickly!

Cactuses that are placed in direct sunlight will need more water than those who get indirect light. This plant needs very little moisture so make sure you have a source of water for it during hot seasons or it may die.

Never let the soil go completely dried out as this could cause death for your cactus. If there is no foliage coming off of the stem, then try soaking the whole plant in wet sand or dirt until it recovers.

Some plants can be moved to a dry location and still survive

Even though it may sound crazy, there are some plants that do not need as much water as we think. Plants require only enough water for them to thrive!

Some plants have large leaves or spines which prevent them from receiving direct sunlight and so they need less warmth in order to grow.

These types of cacti include Chinampas (Spanish name) and columnar cactuses. These will remain dormant during winter unless exposed to light and warm temperatures. When they receive sun exposure again in the spring, they start growing quickly!

There are many ways to determine if your plant needs water! Try using a very thin stream of water to see how well it takes care of itself. If it looks thirsty, give it a few minutes to relax and then check back to make sure it has dried out.

Some plants need to be kept in water until they are dry

There is no set rule about how often cacti need to be watered, but most experts agree that it depends mostly on the plant type and whether it needs strong or weak roots.

If your cactus has strong roots then you can leave it dried up for shorter periods of time because it will find its own moisture from underground sources or through its leaves.

However, if it has weaker roots, then it may require constant exposure to water to thrive and grow.

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to this so use your best judgement and only water when needed.