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Apr 12

Many Innovative Ways to Use Promotional Branded Umbrellas in Marketing

In the present competitive business environment marketing plays an essential role in the promotion of a company's product or service. One of the best ways to make an impression on prospective customers is to use promotional products like umbrellas. They are not only practical, they also give you ample space for displaying your company's image. Here are ten innovative ways to make use of promotional umbrellas to promote advertising campaigns.

Umbrellas as a Social Media Prop

Utilizing umbrellas as props for social media posts is a unique method of promoting your brand. It is possible to take photos of your customers or employees holding umbrellas that feature your logo on them, or make a hashtag that is related to umbrellas, and ask users to include it in their posts.

Eye-Catching Displays

Create a visually appealing display using a variety umbrellas that feature your logo. They can be placed in various designs, like an array of rainbows, and put them in highly-trafficked areas to draw attention.

Outdoor Events

Branded Umbrella is great for outdoor events, such as festivals, trade shows, and even concerts. They offer shade and shelter from rain and sun while displaying your brand. You can offer them to give away as gifts or sell them for lower prices. Find out more here

Join forces with Influencers

Collaboration with influencers is an effective option to reach a larger public. It is possible to provide them with promotional umbrellas for their posts. They can promote your brand in their social media posts to followers. This is a great method to boost brand awareness and to generate leads.

Branded Umbrellas for Employees

The provision of umbrella customized that is branded for your employees is a great way to market your company. They can make use of umbrellas on rainy days or for outdoor events and they'll display your company's image wherever they travel. The effect is subtle, yet efficient method to build brand recognition.

Sponsor a Sports Team

A local team of sports by giving them brand-name umbrellas is an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation and boost brand recognition. You can get your logo placed on the umbrellas, and give them as gifts to the team members or their loved ones.

Collaboration with other brands

Collaboration with other brands is an innovative approach to incorporate promotional umbrellas as part of the marketing campaign. It is possible to join forces with a company that is complementary to your company like coffee shops or a restaurant, and then provide them with brand-name umbrellas that they can make use of outside of their establishment.

Provide Umbrellas to Guests

Giving guests umbrellas with your company's logo is an act of kindness that will leave an unforgettable impression. It is possible to have them on display at the entry point of your business or give customers with them when they purchase a certain quantity of services or products.

Promote a Cause

Utilizing promotional umbrellas to help promote the cause is a successful method to increase awareness and gain donations. You can get your logo placed on the umbrellas with the cause you're helping and then donate a percentage of the profits towards the cause.

Create a Limited Edition

The creation of a limited edition promotional umbrellas can be a unique method of generating buzz and raise awareness of your brand. It is possible to make them on sale for a short period and in limited numbers creating an urgency in buyers to buy these umbrellas.

In the end using promotional umbrellas as part of advertising campaigns can be a creative and practical method of showcasing your company's image. With these innovative strategies, you can boost the visibility of your brand, create leads and create an impression on future customers.


  1. What can I do with promotional umbrellas to market my company at trade shows? They can be given away as a gift, or sell them for lower prices. Be sure to include your logo prominently visible
  2. How can working with influencers improve my business? Collaboration with influencers can boost the visibility of your brand and help reach a wider number of people. The followers they have could become customers for your company.

  3. Do I have to provide branded umbrellas for employees an effective method to market my business? Yes, giving brand-name umbrellas to employees is a subtle, yet effective method to promote your brand. The umbrellas will display your brand everywhere they are, which will help increase awareness of your brand.

  4. What can I do with promotional umbrellas to help the cause? It is possible to have your logo printed on the umbrellas with the cause you're helping and give a portion of the profits towards the cause. This is a great method of raising awareness and gain donations.

  5. Does creating a limited-edition of promotional umbrellas create excitement for my business? Yes making an exclusive edition of promotional umbrellas can create buzz and boost brand recognition. People might feel a sense urgency to buy them before they're gone.